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The Masseria lies on an imaginary line that marks the beginning of the “heel of the boot”, one of the extremities of the Italian peninsula.


One can locate its precise position using a GPS. The coordinates are: 40° 35′ 32.928″ north latitude, and 17° 22′ 16.499″ east longitude. In decimals, the coordinates are 40.59404 north latitude, 17.364977 east longitude (for Google Maps).

If you are coming from the north, take the Autostrada del Sole (Highway A1 from Milan). There are two options before arriving at the ‘Naples’ exit: the first merges into the Napoli/Avellino/Bari Highway (A16/A14), following this route; the other option is to continue along the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway (A3) and to take the exit for Sicignano A./Potenza/Matera, which leads to E847, known as the Basentana (click here for details). The first route is longer, faster, and comfortable. The second is more suggestive—shorter but less comfortable, due to the many construction sites along the way.

Those coming by the Adriatic highway (A14 Bologna–Taranto) can follow these instructions once they are on the Canosa/Bari.

Those driving without a GPS are encouraged to study the routes through the links to Google Maps indicated above.

Those who are coming from the south should follow the directions for Grottaglie and/or Taranto.

One last remark: the GPS coordinates lead to the external entrance of the Masseria. The next entrance can be reached by following a 150-metre-long dirt track that is easily viable at a slow pace, even by cars in less-than-perfect condition.

It is always better to notify us of your arrival with a booking or by phone.

My name is Andrea del Genio; I am an agricultural entrepreneur from Campania with Apulian origins. After graduating in Political Science from Naples, I decided to move to Apulia, and to dedicate myself to the family-owned Masseria and to farming.
This is how, in 2000, when I was 25 years old, my adventure in Grottaglie started. My motto is “Hurry up slowly” (from Latin Festina lente).

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